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This self-help section of bchost.net is new and will grow as time goes on. We will also be adding a feedback forum where you will be able to submit questions or answers to questions. You can also use our chat server for a direct response (if the web admin is available).

The following help pages are presently available...

Database problems

How do I stop spaces in my form from being sent as Unicode expressions, I want them to be ASCII instead?

Clearing session variables so an access data listing on a webpage goes back to page 1 when you return to the page (instead of staying on say page 3 of the data listing).


What is the button at the bottom of my website pages and what is Site Meter?

SMTP Authentication. Here's how to set that up in your Email program. This information will apply to any Mail Server requiring authentication.

Windows 98/95

What is file association and where to find file association information?

Windows 2000/XP and DeEnesse Problem (DNS Server Problem)

With two network cards installed in a system how do I make my DNS and other network services default to a specific card?

When the DNS Server finishes booting the Domain Name Service gets stuck at "starting" and never finishes starting up. What do I do to fix this?

550 Access denied Invalid HELO name

When you try to send an Email you get an error message similar to this - "550 Access denied Invalid HELO name"



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