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BCHOST.NET offers Website consultation services:

Preliminary consultation: First things first... lets work together to formulate a plan, answer some questions like how much product are you going to advertise, how are you planning to accept payment for your products or services, what look do you want for your online presence?

With some people new to the Internet and new to doing business online the questions can be; what is hosting? do I need Internet access to have a Website? What is a domain name? and so on... we will answer these questions giving you a better picture of what's involved and what to consider.

Getting these answers helps determine such things as how large a Website you need, what technical components your Website requires and what Website theme best reflects how you do business...

Costing estimate: Based on the size of your site and the Website features required for your particular products or services we can formulate a cost estimate for such things as hosting plans, Server transaction features, custom design and product integration with online retailing.

Answering these questions determines your initial cash outlay, your ongoing cash expenses to run a Website and gives you the ability to formulate a budget for maintenance and operation.

Note: both of the above services are included with "Site Design bundle packages" and pre-design estimates.

Advanced budget estimate: For larger Websites where ongoing maintenance and expansion becomes a factor it's required to take a more in-depth  look at financial forecasting. You must consider market growth vs. operating capital, advertising expenses vs. cost effectiveness and a budget breakdown for more controlled cash outlay.

Of course this is only a rough description of what's required for an advanced budgeting estimate, there's a lot more involved when formulating a major cash investment in what may be a new marketing media for your firm.

Advanced design considerations: When serving up larger quantities of information two of the most important things to consider are Website navigation and Website organization. Browsing the Internet is like browsing through a jungle of information, sometimes it's a bit overwhelming, however that's not the way a Website should be. Careful consideration to Website navigation and organization can greatly improve retail opportunities and marketing value.

Advanced design considerations should include ongoing communication between the company having the Website built and the company building it... why? Many dollars can be spent "handing the rains over" to a design team only to end up with the opposite of what you're looking for. Tied to design considerations are all of the above; budget, Website navigation and organization, marketing results etc. so the company paying for the design should be directly involved throughout the project.

Advertising products and services: After the site is up and running (even before it's online) it's important to consider and budget for marketing outside of your main Website. Things like banner ads designed and distributed to key locations on the internet, placement of links to your Website from other sites, offline advertising media... It's important to get some educated opinions and information relating to promoting your site.

Whether it's an existing Website or a new project don't underestimate the importance of these three items. Visitors browsing complicated, poorly designed websites will leave discouraged and disinterested and that's not the result you're looking for when doing business online.

In closing:

BCHOST.NET is here to offer professional advice. We ask you to consider that an existing Website can be made to work better and a new Website should start out that way. Doing business online is not that different from having a store-front, it requires financial and marketing considerations that tie directly to cash flow and investment return.

We look forward to working with you to formulate a plan, a direction that's best suited to you and your customers...

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